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Transplanter type CP
Transplanter type CP A transplanter which is designed for different kinds of plants. Specially des...
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Tractor-towed Steam-machine
Tractor-towed Steam-machine Environmentally compatible soil disinfection of sowing  and...
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Transplanter type Hydromatic
Transplanter type Hydromatic Transplanter with great capacity for transplanting conifers and hardw...
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Transplanter type K
Transplanter type K A transplanter with great capacity for planting Christmas trees, afforest...
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Tool Carrier type E4H
Tool Carrier type E4H 1 row tool carrier. 4 wheels with articulation. Hydrostatic transmissio...
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Rasspe bundle-machine RS 312
Rasspebundle-machine RS 312 For bundling of nusery plants. Strong bundle-machine. El-engine...
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Transplanter type MTH
Transplanter type MTH Transplanter type MTH is intended for planting  forest plants and...
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Fertilizer distributor type Airflow
Fertilizer distributor type Airflow Airflow is designed for fertilization of Christmas trees and o...
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Fertilizer equiment for Fendt
Fertilizer equipment for Fendt Places the fertilizer along the plant rows. Exact dose. Speed...
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Net Let Hand funnel
Net Let Hand funnel The hand funnel is made of a plastic material, which makes the friction approx...
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Plant lifter type SR2
Plant liftertype SR2 For effective lifting and cleaning of plants. Robust and reliable machine -...
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Bed-cleanser for 2 rows
Bed-cleancerfor 2 rows 4 parallelograms with depth wheel S-tines with goosefood shares 80-150 cm...
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