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Gantry Tractor type X-mas
Gantry tractor typeX-MAS, 2-rowed 35 or 50 HP Kubota diesel engine, water-cooled. Hydraulic drive...
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Transplanter type CP
Transplanter type CP A transplanter which is designed for different kinds of plants. Specially des...
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Fertilizer distributor type Airflow
Fertilizer distributor type Airflow Airflow is designed for fertilization of Christmas trees and o...
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Palletiser A newly developed machine for compressing Christmas treeson pallets for economical hand...
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Root pruning machine type BRS
Root pruning machine type BRS For root pruning of all plant types. Inclined share to obtain the...
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Gantry Tractor type X-MAS 500, 3-rowed
Gantry Tractor type X-MAS 500, 3-rowed 50 HP Kubota Diesel engine, water-cooled Hydraulic drive -...
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Transplanter type H
Transplanter type H A transplanter for high stemmed plants, trees etc. Robust machine with strong...
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Netting machine type Euro
Netting machine type EURO Standard with 2 synthetic material funnels on revolving console....
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Bed-Cleanser type GS
Bed-Cleanser type GS Bed-Cleanser for efficient weed killing in row cultures. Flexible - can be...
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Root pruning machine type Prunemaster
Root Pruning machine type Prunemaster Root pruning machine for horizontal and vertical root prunin...
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Trailer, 4 wheels
Trailer, 4 wheels Trailer for transport of plants. Closed all weather cab. Strong construct...
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Transplanter type MTH
Transplanter type MTH Transplanter type MTH is intended for planting  forest plants and...
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