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Side digger
Side digger For row-lifting of high-stemmed plants. Infinitely side displacement. Shaking s...
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Power Rake for 3 beds
Power Rake for 3 beds An efficient machine for weed killing in row cultures. The machine work...
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Net Let II Netting machine
Net Let II Netting machine Equipped like Net-Let I, however the Net-Let II is mounted wi...
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Fertilizer equipment for type GS
Fertilizer equipment type GS Places the fertilizer along the plant rows. Delivered with ferti...
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Root pruning machine type BRS
Root pruning machine type BRS For root pruning of all plant types. Inclined share to obtain the...
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Fertilizer equiment for Fendt
Fertilizer equipment for Fendt Places the fertilizer along the plant rows. Exact dose. Speed...
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"Go-round" wagon, 2 wheels
Go-round" wagon, 2 wheels Wagon with revolving platform for transport of plants in container....
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Bed-Cleanser for 7 beds
Bed-Cleanser for 7 beds Mechanical weedkilling between 42 rows in one working procedure. Great pre...
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Trailer, 4 wheels
Trailer, 4 wheels Trailer for transport of plants. Closed all weather cab. Strong construct...
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Side digger type Wibro
Side digger type Wibro For lifting of bigger bushes and trees. Vibrating share - long shaking gr...
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Hole drilling machine
Hole drilling machine For drilling of plant holes. Variable row width. Adjustable depth stop. St...
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Transplanter type H
Transplanter type H A transplanter for high stemmed plants, trees etc. Robust machine with strong...
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