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We take Covid-19 seriously.

We have been informed by DI that it will be a good idea to inform our customers and business partners that we, both office staff and production, keep the wheels running and are present at the factory. We, of course, follow the development and recommendations on prevention of infection as prescribed by the Danish National Board of Health.

We refer to coronavirus.com


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Hole drilling machine
Hole drilling machine For drilling of plant holes. Variable row width. Adjustable depth stop. St...
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Net Let Hand funnel
Net Let Hand funnel The hand funnel is made of a plastic material, which makes the friction approx...
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Trailer, 4 wheels
Trailer, 4 wheels Trailer for transport of plants. Closed all weather cab. Strong construct...
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Row master
Row master Machine with active teeth for weed killing. Cleans the soil between the rows. Semi-cir...
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Transplanter type OK
Transplanter type OK Strong and rugged transplanter for planting directly in the forest floor...
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Tree baler Net Let Easy
Tree baler Net Let EASY Pack your Christmas tree quickly and easily with eco-friendly twine. E...
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Net Let I Netting machine
Net Let I Netting machine Mobile and efficient machine for netting Christmas trees. The Net-Let ma...
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Net Let Netmachine type HANDY
Net Let Netmachine type HANDY Net Let type Handy is an Electric driven netting machine for netting...
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Netting machine type Euro
Netting machine type EURO Standard with 2 synthetic material funnels on revolving console....
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Plant lifter type NG
Plant lifter type NG 1-row plant lifter for lifting of almost all types of plants, which stands in...
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Tractor-towed Steam-machine
Tractor-towed Steam-machine Environmentally compatible soil disinfection of sowing  and...
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Root pruning machine type Prunemaster
Root Pruning machine type Prunemaster Root pruning machine for horizontal and vertical root prunin...
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