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Transplanter type MTH


Transplanter type MTH
Transplanter type MTH is intended for planting 
forest plants and the like where a simple and solid
transplanter is required.

Precisely and comfortable planting with gripper planting
wheels (standard), planting units and with solid share.

Robust frame construcktion with adjustable depth wheels.

Number of rows: 3 - 5 rows
Row distance: variable min. 250 m/m
Gripper planting wheels
Weight: 550 - 750 kg
Standard three-point hitch
Power requirement: from 40 KW

Planting wheels for bare root plants
(gripper planting wheels)
Rubber disc planting wheels
Roller shares
All weather cap

Rubber disc planting wheels
Planting wheels for strawberries 8-gripper
Planting wheels for 16-24 and 36-gripper

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