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We take Covid-19 seriously.

We have been informed by DI that it will be a good idea to inform our customers and business partners that we, both office staff and production, keep the wheels running and are present at the factory. We, of course, follow the development and recommendations on prevention of infection as prescribed by the Danish National Board of Health.

We refer to coronavirus.com



Egedal has sowing machines for most nursery jobs.

Egedal sowing machine type 83 for sowing of small clean
seeds, for example f.eks. rose-seeds, conifer-seeds and
up to cherry and similar as maximum size. Exact adjusting
of the sowing quantity by the means of the gearbox.

Can be delivered with row-sowing and wide-sowing.

Egedal sowing machine type COMBI for sowing most of
all seed sorts, from small clean seeds (extra equipment)
to oak, beech, chestnut, winged seeds, stratified seeds
ect. Parallelogram suspended sowing units with depth
and pressure wheels.

Can be delivered for row-sowing and wide-sowing.

Now it is time for base pruning the Christmas trees.

Egedal has machines with base pruner for all needs.
E2H/E9H one-shaft machines with efficient base pruner,
optimal manoeuvring and operation. 

Gantry tractors 2 and 3-rowed with efficient base pruners
large capacity, front or/ and sidefixed with free view
to the base pruner.  

Egedal offers different kind of transplanters for planting
of Christmas trees, from simple to robust manual trans-
planters, to half automatic transplanters with planting
grippers and quick and exact planting with large capa-
city, equippet for example with GPS-planting.
Hydromatic 2-rowed with GPS.  

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