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Net Let Netmachine type HANDY


Net Let Netmachine type HANDY
Net Let type Handy is an Electric driven netting machine
for netting of allkinds of Christmas trees.

The machine is driven by a 220 volt oder 400 volt Electric
engine which pulls the treethrough the plastic funnel. 

Type Handy is operated by the means of a footpedal for
forward and return flow. The machineis mounted standard
with a clamp hook which gets a hold of the base of the tree,
knife for cutting through the net and Ø45 cm plastic funnel.

Total length: 4500 mm
Width: 1000 mm
Draw length: 2200
Working height: 700-800 mm
Weight: 350 kG

Ø25 - Ø34 cm funnel

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