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Net Let I Netting machine


Net Let I Netting machine
Mobile and efficient machine for netting Christmas trees.
The Net-Let machine is a hydraulic modular built netting
machine, which can be enlarged according to your needs.

Standard with 3 synthetic material funnels on revolving
console. Clamp hook, which pulls the trees through the
funnels. Knife for cutting the net. Draw rod with suppor-
ting wheel.

Ø 25 - Ø34 cm or Ø34 - Ø45 cm funnels
Clamp hook, knife and draw rod of the net
Drawing length 2200 mm
Oil consumption 23 L/minute
Weight 450kg

Self-releasing tongs

Electrical system that makes the machine start
automatically, when the mechanical tongs close a-
round the tree.

Hydraulic clip machine for closing the net in both ends
and cutting over the net.

Manual clip machine for closing the net in both ends and
cutting over the net.

Carrier for the net and tools
Working light
Piece counter
Side table, fold down

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